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People deserve to live stronger, for longer. Our mission is to transform medication and care processes to prevent the avoidable social and commercials costs of drug mismanagement.

Recognition & Awards

Product Range

providing our customers with high levels of customisation based on their specific individual or facility workflows and needs.

Electronic Controlled Drug Register (eCDR)

Opioid Replacement Therapy (oTP/ORT)

Staged Supply

Electronic Controlled Drug Register (eCDR)







Configuration & Notification

Enterprise Reporting

Patient Loyalty & Medication Adherence

Automated Insights

Social Determinants

AI Predictive Analysis

Revenue Opportunities

24/7/365 Protection

Back Up Services

Monthly Reporting

Patch Management

Managed Anti-virus

What makes StrongRoom AI different?

Our platform is the top medication and administration solution, combining robust infrastructure and cutting-edge analytics to empower clinicians to deliver fast, intelligent, and reinforced care.

Modular Design & Customisation

Our system uses human-centric design principles and has adjustable modules for medication management based on context and care provider needs.

Automation & Advanced Analytics

Modularity automates manual work, boosting administrative efficiency and giving clinicians more time to improve their work and leverage analytics for better patient outcomes.

Customer Lead Innovation

We prioritise user feedback in product development to ensure that our products, tools, systems, and platform align with your needs and preferences through customer co-creation.

“Empowered by the strongest medication management software on the planet.”

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