Alexander Wong Joins Strong Room’s Growing Team of Advisory Board Members.

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Thursday 21st October 2021

Alexander Wong makes an exciting addition to Strong Room’s growing team of Advisory Board Members.

Coming to Strong Room with extensive experience within the aged care sector, Alexander Wong is an experienced pharmacist currently working on medication safety within aged care at Mederev as Victorian Clinical Lead.

While working with Mederev over the past four years, Alexander has recognised medication incidents patterns and understands specific problems that must be solved in order to maximise Strong Rooms effectiveness within Aged Care.

Working within medication safety, Alexander quickly developed an intrigue for medication management. Understanding and identifying first-hand the need and potential impact it could have on the population.

While considering developing his own medication management solution, Alexander met Max Mito. Upon getting to know Strong Room and witnessing the product that had been produced; Alexander quickly saw the value in joining Strong Room’s smart and dedicated team.

“What drew me to you (Strong Room) was the fact that you’ve got a lot of opportunity as well as all these intelligent people willing to work towards one goal.”

“I’d been approached to do this (develop a medication management solution) myself, but you’ve got all of these smart people here already, so why not join the winning team.”

Strong Room’s mission to eliminate adverse drug events coincides perfectly with Alexander’s own professional goal to eliminate medication error.

On a mission to create the best possible use of medication for all, Alexander sees Strong Room as a way to realise his own goal and improve the future of medication for everyone.

“…the only way we can really do that (eliminate medication error), is to have some kind of I.T. system. It would allow the implementation of certain safeties that manually you can’t do on the micro level.”

Alexander Wong’s extensive network, work history and deep understanding of the Aged Care market makes him an influential and sought-after member of our Advisory Board.

Alexander’s continued work within aged care also provides him with a deeper understanding of who will be using Strong Room’s products and what prevalent issues need to be solved in order to provide an advantage over competitors.

“there is a diverse range of people that will be using the product, so it’s important to understand their needs and tailor it to them.”

Strong Room is excited to have Alexander Wong join the team. Alexander was instantly an extremely valued member of the company and we look forward to working together towards our shared goal of eliminating medication error through the use of Strong Room technology.

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