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Why choose StrongRoom AI?

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves in quick responses and resolutions to our customer requests. Our friendly staff will help you with whatever the problem maybe - big or small.


We’ve built our platform on the gold standards of cybersecurity. We have end-to-end encryption along the HIPAA criteria and ISO27001 framework.

Real-time Insights

Our solution collates and analyses data in real-time so you can track what’s happening on the ground and analyze macro trends across your organization.

Scalable & Modular

We aim to ensure each module is a good experience for all facilities. We’ve also built it so that if you start new services for your community - you can activate our modules easily.


We’ve been recognised as one of the most innovative healthcare companies in Australia. This means we don’t sit on what we have and we keep pushing the boundaries of what’s new.

Intuitive Design

Our products have won awards on design. What does that mean? It means our solution is easy to use and intuitive resulting in less training time for your staff to be productive and reduce any medication errors!