Direct Chemist Outlet Endorses StrongRoom AI

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Thursday 17th June 2021

Direct Chemist Outlet is announcing an endorsement deal to bring Strong Room AI’s pharmacy platform to its members. Direct Chemist Outlet’s members will now be eligible for special discounts and services as well as priority access to its future product offerings.

Direct Chemist Outlet’s Professional Services Manager, Irene Vergos commented “Strong Room AI offers our group an innovative platform to help with the management of pharmacotherapy programs within our pharmacies. Utilizing facial recognition is an exciting new tool our pharmacists can use to streamline the patient verification process and provide exceptional quality care for our customers.”

Strong Room AI’s Chief Executive Officer, Max Mito commented “We are excited to be working with such an iconic brand such as Direct Chemist Outlet to be bringing value across their group. We are looking forward to accelerating their workflow and bring additional value through future product offerings across the group.”

Strong Room AI is a young, dynamic, and exciting Medtech brand that is dedicated to reducing adverse drug events through its AI-driven controlled drug management platform.

Direct Chemist Outlet is a rapidly expanding group, with a keen focus to deliver excellent service experience whilst taking care of all customer health and lifestyle needs, at an affordable price.

StrongRoom AI and Direct Chemist Outlet looks forward to a prosperous relationship with one another and ensuring continuous innovation within pharmacy in Australia.


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