Global Investment Firm Tyson & Blake Annouce Lead Investment

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Global investment firm Tyson & Blake has announced its lead investment in Strong Room.

We are proud to announce that Tyson & Blake, an investment firm focused on growth companies with unique approaches and innovative technologies that have the potential to make a profound contribution to society, have announced their lead investment in our drugs management platform, which helps to reduce the cost and risk of adverse drug reactions.

With a focus on healthcare, IT, and technology and internet, among other sectors, Simon Alexander Legge, managing director of Tyson & Blake, commented: 

Partnered with the QS System from Quality Pharma, Strong Room’s drug management platform will help reduce the cost and risk of adverse drug reactions at scale, empowering individuals with critical information to actively engage in their own well-being and improving the quality and safety of professional healthcare. The focus on using AI to help eliminate adverse drug events is a hugely exciting development in the evolution of healthcare to SelfCare.”

We are very excited to be working with Tyson & Blake to grow our business internationally. Partnering with Tyson & Blake, we are looking to eliminate adverse drug events, (a $1T problem worldwide), and looking to build the world’s best drug management platform.

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