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Eliminate Errors

Our solution eliminates errors, improves accuracy, and automates compliance.

Our intuitively designed software enables requisitions, transfers, and alerts across your hospital.

Future features includes AI decision support tools including biometric authentication, divergence, and fraudulent alerts.

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Solution Overview

Integrations & Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Ability to analyse medication usage, potential divergence, and user activity with real-time alerts. API access available soon.

Hardware Integration

Integrated with automated dispensing cabinets (ADC) and drug safes.

Customised Integration & Interoperability

Built on AMT to Integrate into your electronic medical record (EMR), PAS, active directory and dispensing software.

Gold Standard


We ensure your solution has the highest safeguards and cutting edge solutions to improve accuracy and operational efficiency. Our solution is the most secure, efficient, and easy-to-use on the market.


Encryption of data standard
(military grade).


Internal cybersecurity
standards & frameworks.

HIPAA Compliant

Building to the highest standard
in regards to patient data handling.

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Exclusive partnership

Quantum Satis

The proprietary QS System®™  (“Quantum Satis”) is the only known software to effectively flag the potential for adverse drug reactions events in polypharmacy interactions.

It has the ability to diagnose and detect specific indicators as well as potential adverse drug reactions, in treatment programs of
multiple drugs.

More info: qualitypharma.eu