Strong Room Appoints Mahesh Thiyagarajan to their Technical Advisory Board.

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Monday 30th August 2021

For the past seven months, Mahesh Thiyagarajan has played a vital and highly valued role at Strong Room as an Advisory Board Member. Drawing from past experiences to assist Strong Room’s continued progress into a technologically advanced future for healthcare.

Mahesh’s extensive work history within the computer software industry has provided him with proficient leadership, advisory, investment, management, and delivery skills. These lay a crucial foundation for his influential counsel and guidance of Strong Room.

These strategic proficiencies have been developed and refined through Mahesh’s continued work with Iress, a financially focused computer software company where he started in 2004. 

Mahesh is able to leverage from his broad experience to provide credible and on point technical advice. Strong Room’s continued ability to evolve and develop is made possible with this access to Mahesh’s drive to improve and refine Strong Room’s work strategies. 

Mahesh’s work with multiple revolutionary start-ups further develops his deep understanding of what the future may hold and how technology may progress across a wide range of industries. 

This allows Mahesh to prepare and incorporate strategies to advance companies further, future proofing them for what may come in an every changing environment.

“Don’t build for today’s world, think about what things will look like in five years and build for that…”

When asked why Mahesh was drawn to Strong Room, he explained it was the people involved, their enthusiasm and the problems they were solving. 

When Strong Room identified an opportunity to advance, automate and streamline the inefficiencies of the current manual management of drugs in health care which are prone to human error, Mahesh saw great value in the direction that the company was taking and was more than happy to share his many years of experience in the IT field with the Strong Room team. 

“We’re actually solving a real problem in the world, which could save lives and make a difference.”

Strong Room is immensely grateful for Mahesh’s ongoing assistance introducing us to different cloud technologies that we are now implementing in our new cloud platform.

Mahesh’s deep understanding and guidance on Strong Room’s selection of software packages has also potentially saved Strong Room millions of dollars.

Strong Room looks forward to Mahesh’s continued guidance and counsel. Mahesh is a highly valued member of Team Strong Room and will continue to help expand and develop technology with an immense impact on the lives of those involved.

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