Mark recognized as Co-Founder of Strong Room AI.

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Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Mark Feldschuh has a long and celebrated career in pharmacy, he has been at the top of pharmaceutical practice for an impressive 40 years.

Mark’s past positions include President of the Victorian Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia – Chair of the Professional Development Committee, several Directorships and his long career includes being one of the first practitioners in Australia managing and owning a specialist compounding practice.

All this culminated in Mark being made a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

Now Mark has turned his considerable talents to a new challenge – taking a team of young entrepreneurs through the tricky task of growing their business and realizing their dreams.

Mark is working with the team at Strong Room to bring revolutionary medication management products, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to the pharmacy world in Australia and globally.

Mark is pivotal to the team in several key ways which sees him bring something to the table that no one else could – his love of all things AI, his extensive experience and his global network.

The only way to truly appreciate what Mark contributes to the team at Strong Room is to break down each key role that he plays on a day-to-day basis, that supports the team in their dream to improve pharmacy management technologies and move into the aged care and hospital sectors.

Mark is extremely forward thinking – he embraces technology and utilizes the knowledge he builds through his association with Strong Room to bring brand new products to the pharmacy space and to revolutionise pharmacy functionality on a day-to-day basis.

His involvement in the process of improving patient access to medicinal cannabis – including educating pharmacists on its usage, dosages and his work in setting Australian standards cements Mark as a pioneer of technology and progress in the pharmaceutical space.

Mark’s extensive network has been pivotal in supporting the growth and business development at Strong Room, while also providing mentorship to the team where required – these things, and many more, are the foundations for Strong Room’s growth from strength to strength.

Mark’s continued support of the team is highly valued by all members and will continue to help them grow into a market leader.

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