Mira Ghobrial Joins Strong Room’s Medical Advisory Board.

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Thursday, 4th November 2021

Strong Room is excited to announce Mira Ghobrial has joined our medical advisory board.

Strong Room has been impressed with Mira’s diverse knowledge stemming from her work in both the public and aged care health sectors.

Mira’s extensive experience in both hospital as a registered nurse and in aged care as a care manager have brought a fresh perspective to the Strong Room team and on the safety and clinical aspects of medication management.

Mira wanted to be involved with Strong Room on an advisory level due to our shared belief that patient safety is of the highest priority. Upon getting to know Strong Room’s software, Mira felt our systems ability to be agile and adaptable was a great feature that set us apart from competition.

“There are a lot of medication management systems in place right now that are outdated for today’s regulations in Aged Care. The systems must be agile to adapt to all the new rules. that’s what I liked about Strong Room. Things are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of each organisation.”

When asked how her time with Strong Room has differed from other companies, Mira explained that the teamwork and respect she’s experienced is like no other.

“Everyone is respecting and has their own perspectives and opinions. We’re all coming from completely different backgrounds, from nursing to engineering… It’s interesting to see how all these different ideas can be put down and pieced together. Having that product at the end that combines every person’s own experience is amazing.”

As a medical professional, Mira’s goal is to make sure patients are as safe as possible. Mira feels most responsible for ensuring medications are provided to patients with due diligence and sees Strong Room’s software as a way to most effectively achieve this goal.

“We’re responsible for this, making sure we reduce the chance of medication incidence and how to make software user friendly so less errors are made by the staff. I’ve seen how important it is to catch errors early and I’ve seen what happens when incidents do occur and how it effects the patient, the family and the medical system.”

Strong Room is extremely grateful to continue to work alongside Mira. Her continued guidance will help Strong Rooms understanding of the aged care and public health sectors, allowing us to tailor our systems to the needs of healthcare workers now and into the future.

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