New Year, New Interns!

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We’re starting 2022 off Strong as we continue to grow and expand for our most successful year yet! Welcome our four new talents:

Yangyang Li
Role: Software Developer Intern – Cloud
Yangyang is a 2nd year electrical and computer engineering student from the University of Queensland. Interested in computers, he never took programming as a hobby, but he took an immediate liking to the satisfaction of writing code. As part of a robust training and intern program, Yangyang joined Strong Room seeking to gain experience in software development and to learn from a group of experienced and dedicated developers.
David Miller
Role: Software Developer Intern – Cloud
With a background in audio/music production and large-scale event production, due to COVID-19 lockdowns stalling the events industry, David decided to use the time to teach himself programming and software development techniques. He came across the Victorian Digital Jobs Program and, upon completion of his course, he took a keen interest in the product the Strong Room team is working on, as well as the people and the culture.
Dean Pearcey
Role: Installation Coordinator Intern – Pharmacy
Dean possesses 30+ years in a variety of customer service jobs, as well as a 5 year stint working in aged care as a personal carer. Following the Victorian Digital Jobs Program learning basic IT skills, he joined Strong Room hoping to start a new career.
Blythe Whittier
Role: Marketing Coordinator Intern
With a background in creative writing, film, photography, and radio, recent completion of the Victorian Digital Jobs Program in Content Marketing reunited her with her natural passion and continuing love for producing creative content. Blythe joined Strong Room to gain experience creating social media content in a formal work setting and to broaden her knowledge of current advancements within the tech and medical fields.

Congratulations to our January Interns and welcome to Strong Room!

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