Pharmacy Essentials endorses StrongRoom AI in a two year agreement.

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Pharmacy Essentials Group (incorporating the Buying Essentials program) is announcing a two-year endorsement deal to bring Strong Room A.I.’s pharmacy platform to its members. Pharmacy Essentials & Buying Essentials customers will now be eligible for special discounts and services as well as priority access to Strong Room’s future product offerings.

Pharmacy Essentials Group’s Managing Director, Simon Hambrecht commented “we are excited to endorse Strong Room A.I. throughout our member network. We aim to provide our membership with the best tools to modernise their pharmacies and create efficiencies. The Strong Room AI platform is a great opportunity to achieve this.”

Strong Room A.I.’s Chief Executive Officer, Max Mito commented “We are honoured that Pharmacy Essentials has chosen to endorse our brand and we will continuously work hard to ensure we bring value to its members. We look forward to working more closely with them, not only on our platform but for our future product offerings as well.

Strong Room A.I. is a young, dynamic, and exciting MedTech brand that is dedicated to reducing adverse drug events through its AI-driven controlled drug management platform.

Pharmacy Essentials Group (incorporating the Buying Essentials program) offers a multi- level platform aimed at delivering a unique opportunity to independent pharmacies. Strong Room’s fresh approach to business allows it members to have full transparency and access to not only a comprehensive buying platform, but additional platforms also to improve profitability as well as comprehensive, tailored support.

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