RELEASE Integration with Z Software Available

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Strong Room is pleased to announce that our drug register is now fully integrated with Z Software – one of Australia’s leading pharmacy dispensing software.

Strong Room’s customers who use Z dispense software systems will be able to have both dispensing and invoice information pulled across, further automating workflow processes. Automation will enable pharmacists to spend less time around data input and more time with their patients.

Strong Room’s Chief Innovation Officer, Christopher Durre commented “Z were incredibly easy to work alongside, a massive source of support to us, and the joint partnership between our two companies has led to a mutually improved experience for our customers. We’re excited to see what this feature enhancement brings to our Partner Pharmacies in terms of patient safety, guideline adherence and efficiency of operations”

John Le, General Manager of Z Software stated “The team at Strong Room have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Our team at Z Software are excited to see a new breath of innovation enter the Australian pharmacy sector and with this partnership, we can’t wait for Australian pharmacies to experience this impressive piece of technology first hand.”

Strong Room looks forward to a continuously productive partnership with Z Software in providing value to pharmacies across Australia.

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