The only 100% digital platform designed specifically for aged care facilities!

Strong Care is industry leading medication management platform comprising an e-Controlled Drug Register (eCDR), e-Prescribing, Drug Administration, Automated reporting and Professional Services


Disjointed Workflows Taking Away from Care Provision

Current systems take 8 to 10 hours a day, a facility, to maintain compliance. The collection and collation of data is incredibly time intensive, workflows are clunky, and facilities struggle to scale their workflows. As a result this incurs massive costs and time away from residents.


Our platform saves care workers 6 to 8 hours a day of administrative work, which can be redirected towards care provision.

Data-enabled Infrastructure

Ability to consolidate data and provide real-time reports based upon the structure and objectives of the organisation.

AI Analytics

Automating HMR, RMMR, and QUM reports using proprietary AI algorithms and key integrations.

Modular & Scalable

Enables facilities to ensure they have a 100% digital solution. Our modules have the ability to be deployed as standalone products.

e-NRMC Compliant

Built to the highest cybersecurity and data encryption standards

  • eCDR
  • ePrescribing
  • Administration
  • Reports

Improve the performance of your drug register

Improve accuracy and turnaround time for logging transactions, reduce time spent investigating drug register discrepancies, reduce transcription errors and eliminate the risk of forgotten entries

Electronically prescribe and sign drug charts

Chart based prescribing, alerts for adverse drug reactions, portal to connect with consulting pharmacists and integrated into the eRx* and connects with supply pharmacies seamlessly.

*StrongRoom AI is conformant to all eRx requirements.

Manage your residents with ease

Customised medication rounds, medication chart & resident information, specialised nurse and carer access, configurable reporting around drug administration and missing information

See your facility and improve your workflow

Generate reports based upon templates such as facility and organisation QUM reports, and RMMR reports based upon individual residents. Integration with dispensing software, point of administration and clinical management software. Review reports by drug classifications such as antimicrobials, psychotropics and polypharmacy. 



Here are just some of the features to expect with our medication management software.

With time-savings guaranteed, you will spend more time caring for your patients.


Encryption of data standard (military grade)


Internal cybersecurity standards & frameworks

HIPAA Compliant

Building to the highest standard in regards to patient data handling


Australian Medication Terminology management of medication data

Prescription Exchange

Partnered with FRED for e-Drug Charts and the prescription exchange

Durg to Drug

Polypharmacy algorithms to automate alerting



Strong Care deploys one of the most advanced polypharmacy algorithms to flag potentially harmful drug to drug interactions for residents. These insights enables actions to be conducted by the residential aged care clinical team.

It has the ability to diagnose and detect specific indicators as well as potential adverse drug reactions, in treatment programs of multiple drugs.


Want a trial?

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