StrongRoom AI launches our next generation drug management solution into the Aged Care sector

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Strong Room AI has announced partnering with Careteq. This provides Careteq members priority access to all current and future Strong Room AI products as well as exclusive membership discounts and services.

Careteq is an Australian health-tech company that offers SaaS-based assistive living technology and services focused on meeting the needs in the health, aged and home care sectors. Their mission is to focus on delivering best in class technology solutions for Health and Aged Care for a global audience. Careteq assistive living technology platform provides a range of services, including 24/7 analysis of behaviour, coverage inside and outside the home, and cloud-based portal known as SOFIHUB.

StrongRoom AI aims to reduce adverse drug events and transform drug management using AI to provide better care.

Careteq’s CEO – Mark Simari commented that “StrongRoom’s suite of Aged Care solutions (Strong Care) is an ideal addition to Careteq’s suite of technologically advanced platform solutions as it uses artificial intelligence to reduce adverse drug events within aged care facilities. This exclusive agreement between Careteq and StrongRoom enhances our value proposition to a key customer base and allows us to leverage our market leading position in the aged care industry.”

StrongRoom AI’s CEO – Max Mito comments “Careteq’s unique suite of products and solutions strongly aligns with StrongRoom AI’s values of creating a seamless and consolidated platform for our customers. Furthermore, their team has deep clinical expertise that will enable us to accelerate our product maturity to become the gold standard for digital medication management solutions. This agreement signifies our enhanced joint value with Careteq, and we are ready to work hard to provide the best possible solution to the industry.”

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