Today, Strong Room and Ayonix Corporation are announcing a worldwide partnership to better develop and commercialise Ayonix’s A.I. Facial Recognition engine in the medical technology field.

The deal consists of Ayonix Corporation taking an undisclosed minority stake in Strong Room Technology Pty Ltd, in return for a worldwide licensing agreement within the medical technology industry including medical devices and other such domains.

Both Managing Director; Max Mito and Ayonix Corporation’s President and CEO Dr. Sadi Vural has expressed immense excitement of the future partnership.

Ayonix’s A.I. Facial Recognition engine is renowned for being currently the world’s most powerful engine (NIST 2018 reports) and high accuracy rates which makes it ideal for the technology which has primarily been used for security applications to cross over to the medical industry.

Strong Room expects to release products incorporating A.I. facial recognition that will specialise in

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