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Award Winning Intuitive UX Design

Shaped by clinicians who work in aged care and understand the challenges and needs of the sector

Data-Enabled Infrastructure

Ability to consolidate data and provide instant, real-time clinical updates across the nursing, pharmacist and prescriber platforms via an interconnected cloud-based system

eNRMC Compliant

Fully conformant transitional eNRMC to Australian Digital Health Agency requirements


Saved Monthly

Nurses can expect to save 20+ hours a month in administrative tasks


Time Reduction

Medication round times reduced by up to 50% with the help of automation



Cloud-hosted webpage accessible securely from any internet browser; no infrastructure installation or setup required

Caregivers are overburdened and lack the assistance of safe tools

Our platform, shaped by expert clinicians, features intuitive safety functions, clinical decision support tools, and data analytics for important insights.

How it works

Our modules have the ability to be deployed as standalone products and tailored towards the organisation’s needs.

The best standard medication management will improve your facility.

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Improve accuracy and turnaround time for logging transactions, reduce time spent investigating drug register discrepancies, reduce transcription errors and eliminate the risk of forgotten entries


Chart based prescribing, alerts for adverse drug reactions, portal to connect with consulting pharmacists and integrated into the eRx* while connecting with supply pharmacies seamlessly. *StrongRoom AI is conformant to all eRx requirements.


Customised medication rounds, medication chart & resident information, specialised nurse and carer access, configurable reporting around drug administration and missing information


Generate reports based upon templates such as facility and organisation QUM and QI reports, and RMMR reports based upon individual residents. Integration with dispensing software, point of administration and clinical management software. Review reports by drug classifications such as antimicrobials, psychotropics and polypharmacy.

Clinical Manager, 60 Bed Facility, Melbourne

“We perform a drug register stock take three times a day in our facility, the StrongCare electronic controlled drug register has streamlined the process and saved us hours so that we can focus on providing care to the residents”


With in-built safety functions and time-savings guaranteed, caregivers will spend more time taking care of residents

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Automated QI & QUM Reports

Integrated eCDR

Organisational Reporting


Drug Interaction Checker

All-In-One Cloud System

Best Practice Data Storage

AI Analytics

Highest Security Standards

Security and compliance

Best possible care delivered via best possible security standards

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Resident and care-receiver wellbeing is integral to our DNA, as it is to our customers. For this reason we are extremely attentive to how resident data is collected, sorted, and used ensuring every user’s privacy is secure, compliant and in-line with global best security practices.


Encryption of data standard (military grade)


Internal cybersecurity standards & frameworks


Building to the highest standard in regards to patient data handling


Australian Medication Terminology management of medication data

Prescription Exchange

FRED for e-Drug Charts & the prescription exchange

Integrated with

Our customers

Real people, real results.


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