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Maximise Dispensary Efficiencies

Easily manage administrative tasks related to S8 drugs so that pharmacists have more time to provide outstanding patient care

24/7 Customer Support

Receive dedicated support and guidance from a member of our Support team at any time of day or night

User-Friendly Design

Simple, easy to use interface that makes S8 medication management effortless


Faster Than Paper

Faster S8 data entry, resulting in improved efficiencies



Number of pharmacies using StrongER across Australia


Customer Retention Rate

As StrongER continues to grow so does our customer retention

Dispensing controlled drugs in pharmacies is time-consuming and error-prone.

Our platform has been designed to take the complexity out of these tasks - by streamlining processes through our simple, sophisticated yet functional software.

How it works

Each module is standalone, but can be combined for optimal performance

Experience improved efficiencies by utilising a single software solution

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Electronic Controlled Drug Register

Minimise administration time associated with recording your daily schedule 8 transactions and receiving schedule 8 stock. Easily manage destructions, reconcile drug balances and eliminate transcription errors

Opioid Replacement Therapy

Provide optimised care for your opioid replacement therapy patients by effortlessly managing dosing for methadone, Suboxone and Subutex. Featuring our innovative OTP calendar, AI facial recognition for patient identification and associated reports.

Staged Supply

Deliver staged supply services within your pharmacy by utilising the Staged Supply module. Record supplies, print signing sheet schedules and manage eligible claims.

Continuous Evolution

We continuously improve and evolve our platform's functionality based on feedback from pharmacists. As the pharmacist scope of practice expands, Strong ER will adapt to provide ongoing support.


StrongER streamlines workflows for Schedule 8 medications with a modern interface and maximum functionality.

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All-In-One Digital Platform

Simplified Cannabis Recording

AI Facial Recognition


Unlimited Terminals

Intuitive Design & Interface

Regular & Secure Backups

Tailored Onboarding

Security and compliance

StrongER complies with all statutory requirements around product security

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Patient safety is central to the vision behind StrongRoom AI. A core part of StrongER is our focus on ensuring optimal health outcomes for patients and outstanding medication management.

State Regulations

Approved for use across all States & Territories of Australia


Internal cybersecurity standards and frameworks


Building to the highest standard in regards to patient data handling

Daily Backups

Regular and Automated Daily Backups

Integrated with

Our customers

Real people, real results.


Inquire about our tiered licensing software model that includes free installation, training, and 24/7 support, all at an affordable price.