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More Time to Care

Easily manage administrative tasks related to controlled drugs so that nurses and pharmacists have more time to provide outstanding patient care

Automated, Integrated and Controlled

Easy automated and integrated ward and theatre ordering and medication administration processes

Enterprise Stock Management and Reporting

Stock and Dispense software integration ensuring the stock is balanced - removing time wasted finding errors


Time Savings

Compared to traditional paper methods


Nursing Hours Saved

Per month on a general 30 bed ward


Potential Cost Savings

Nursing and pharmacist time saved for a 500 bed hospital

The management of controlled medicines is complex, time-consuming & prone to errors.

Our clinical co-designed solution targets six priority problem areas: Incomplete or inaccurate documentation, lack of standardisation and organisational oversight, delayed documentation, inadequate staff training, stock expiration and recalls.

How it works

Modular: cloud-enabled, role controlled

Give function access to those who need it anytime, anywhere.

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Our pharmacy module manages all stock within the pharmacy department. Including Stock in, ward requests, dispensing, manufacturing, destructions, stock counts, audits and reporting. Also responsible for dispensing software integration.


This module manages all stock on a ward, including requisition requests, medication administrations, patient-own medications, transfers, stock checks and destructions.


This module manages all stock within theatres, including requisition requests, anesthesiologist assignment, medication administrations, post-surgery reconciliation, transfers, stock checks and destructions.


This module allows granular configuration of user role types, medications, alerts and notifications across all levels of an organisation. Specific  medication restrictions, alerts/notifications by a trigger, user role and location.

Enterprise Reporting

Allows complete data aggregation across all possible dimensions. Dimensions include time, location, activity type, activity status, activity parameter, user, witness, etc.

“The best thing since electronic
pathology results.”


End-to-end co-design with hospital clinicians to ensure our solution offers simplicity and intuitiveness while fulfilling all regulatory requirements.

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All-in-One Digital Platform

Automated & Adaptive Stock Controls

Integration Standards

Enterprise Reporting

System Alerts & Notifications

Chain Of Custody Tracking

Prescribing Flexibility

Terminology Standards

Manage Manufactured Products

Security and compliance

Strong product security and best possible compliance

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Patient safety is paramount to us at StrongRoom AI - This includes data security, integrity and standards.


Encryption of data standard (military grade)


Internal cybersecurity standards & frameworks


Building to the highest standard regarding patient data handling


Providing a common terminology for medicines


Enabling the use of relationships between clinical concepts

Integrated with

Our customers

Real people, real results.


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