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Professional Services

Understanding under served patient segments. Real time feedback on initiatives.


More efficient clinical campaigns and initiatives including ability to train various groups.


Ability to observe and support underperforming facilities. Real- time insights into managed sites performance levels.


Of Customers Had Significantly Increased Adherence

With Increases In Pharmacy Visits After One StrongPro SMS Campaign


Per Annum In Revenue Opportunities

Potential Increase In Revenue When Utilising StrongPro SMS Campaigns.


Increased Compliance Rates

Between Pharmacies That Offer Professional Services And Those That Don’t.

Decision making is largely intuition based from staff members and requires an individual to remember over 100 programs.

Our solution uses predictive Intelligence on patients to understand how to price or allocate resources. Automates insights to suggest programs, training, and professional interventions. Plus new revenue opportunities to introduce allied healthcare providers.

How it works

Each Module Is Standalone, But Can Be Combined For Optimal Performance

Experience Improved Efficiencies By Utilising A Single Software Solution

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Dispensing / POS Software

Patient data is entered into the dispensing and POS system

Strong Integration / Build Patient Profile

Integration tool pulls data from dispense & POS. Creates patient profile. Starts pulling data from publicly available data to strengthen patient profiles

Analytics Engine

AI engine sorts data based upon adherence and loyalty level. Predicts patients socio-economic backgrounds.


Provides feedback on easy to action areas.


Professional Services medication reviews staged supply opioid-replacement therapy etc.,

Pharmacist In Charge. Chemist Discount Centre Morwell

"In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal but a necessity and incorporating artificial intelligence into the pharmacy industry is a brilliant way to ensure efficiency, accuracy and patient care."


The power of artificial intelligence ensures patients adhere to their prescribed medication regimens & is proven to significantly boost patient adherence rates

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Patient Loyalty

Medication Adherence

Automated Insights

Social Determinants

AI Predictive Analysis

Revenue Opportunities

Security and compliance

StrongPro complies with all statutory requirements around product security

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Patient safety is central to the vision behind StrongRoom AI. A core part of StrongPro is our focus on ensuring optimal health outcomes for patients through management of medications and adherence.


Encryption of data standard (military grade)


Internal cybersecurity standards & frameworks


Building to the highest standard in regards to patient data handling

Our customers

Real people, real results.