StrongRoom AI Expands Into Western Australia With Acquisition Of EasyDose

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Melbourne & Perth, AUSTRALIA, March 22, 2022

StrongRoom AI and EasyDose announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which StrongRoom AI will acquire EasyDose. The acquisition builds on StrongRoom AI’s continued national expansion and lays the foundation to move into the Western Australian pharmacy sector.

“We are thrilled to announce the next step in our strategic expansion plan,” says Max Mito, CEO of StrongRoom AI. “EasyDose has a meaningful impact on their customers’ workflow by simplifying the process for dispensing opioid-replacement therapy. This in turn has a significant flow-on effect in reducing adverse events and making medication supply safer, which really aligns with our mission here at StrongRoom AI.”

As part of this acquisition, StrongRoom AI brings on board Noel Fosbery, Phil Willis and Steve Verkerk, founders of EasyDose. “When we started EasyDose nine years ago, we were looking for an economical solution for our own pharmacies plus a few friends. We are proud to say that we have been able to deliver really important efficiencies to all our clients. When StrongRoom AI approached us to join them, we were really excited to see that they had the capacity to bring to life many of the concepts that we had dreamed of but couldn’t afford to develop. I’m happily joining this dynamic company of young innovators who are willing to listen to us old fossils!” says Noel Fosbery, Director of EasyDose and Pharmacist proprietor. Fosbery, Willis and Verkerk will be joining StrongRoom AI as Vice Presidents of Western Australia.

Key Focus

“Throughout the acquisition our key priority is our customers,” says Mito. “We want to do everything we possibly can to ensure a smooth transition across to StrongRoom AI and will be working closely with all EasyDose customers on a timeline suitable for each individual site.” 

The transition process is expected to occur over the next 18 months and aims to provide EasyDose customers with a consolidated pharmacy platform including electronic S8 Controlled Drug Register, pharmacotherapy (OTP/CPOP) and staged supply modules. 

About StrongRoom AI:

StrongRoom AI is a Melbourne-based scale up company that provides an AI-driven controlled drug management platform aimed at reducing adverse drug events within Pharmacy, Hospital and Aged Care Facility settings. Specialising in AI analytics and Facial Recognition technology, these innovations have led to an all-digital solution for pharmacy – encompassing an electronic S8 controlled drug register, staged supply and pharmacotherapy in one easy-to-use platform. 

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About EasyDose:

EasyDose is a software solution designed by pharmacists for pharmacists, with the vision of taking care of the clerical workload associated with the daily dispensing of methadone and buprenorphine to opioid-dependent clients. EasyDose has a large market presence within Western Australia and streamlines the pharmacotherapy process for pharmacists, improving efficiencies within their dispensary and saving both time and money.

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For media enquiries relating to EasyDose acquisition please contact:

Phil Willis, Noel Fosbery and Steve Verkerk | (04) 1792 3848 |

For media enquiries relating to StrongRoom AI please contact:

Nooreen Ebrahim | (03) 7065 4066 |

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