Version 3.0.0 Is Here!

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Thursday, 18th November 2021

Strong Room is excited to announce the release of our pharmacy application’s newest update, Version 3.0.0.

Version 3.0.0 introduces an array of new and refined features to streamline user experience in addition to some quality-of-life improvements.

Some of the highly requested new features being added in Version 3.0.0 include the ability to create customisable tables within the software, a redesign of the payments feature, patient and doctor merging, and Corum Integration.

We hope users find the much-awaited Version 3.0.0 update to be a useful and impactful improvement to their workflow as we continue to develop and explore new ways of providing the best service possible.

Customers will receive a complete and detailed list of the range of new features Version 3.0.0 will bring. If you’re a customer and do not receive a summary of Version 3.0.0, please email us at:

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