Ventura Health Partners with StrongRoom AI

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Ventura Health enters into a partnership agreement with StrongRoom AI for 3 years.

StrongRoom AI and Ventura Health are excited to announce an endorsement deal over a three year period to have StrongRoom AI as the preferred supplier to its members. This provides Ventura Health members priority access to all current and future Strong Room AI products as well as exclusive membership discounts and services.

Ventura Health’s mission is ‘to lead the way by striving for growth, developing innovative solutions, and always being a trusted partner.’ Ventura Health is part of the Healthcare division of EBOS Group and a multi-brand resource centre for retail pharmacy groups currently representing more than 50 pharmacies. Ventura Health works to provide their network innovative, customer driven services.

StrongRoom AI aims to reduce adverse drug events through the deployment of its controlled drugs management platform. It’s community pharmacy product – STRONG ER consolidates the S8 drug register, opioid-replacement therapy, and staged supply modules into one software.

Ventura Health’s CEO – Mario Capanna commented that “this is an area of the business that is coming under greater scrutiny and requires increased levels of oversight. The Strong Room AI products will help deliver that. I look forward to the efficiency gains and improved controls that stores would have over this part of their business”. 

StrongRoom AI’s CEO – Max Mito comments “We are thrilled to have Ventura Health’s members join the Strong Room AI family and our team are looking forward to bringing them top customer service and product. We look forward to bringing additional value to its members over the next 3 years and beyond and have been impressed with their team’s forward approach”.

StrongRoom AI and Ventura Health both look forward to a prosperous relationship with one another, ensuring continued innovation within Australian pharmacy.

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