Strong Room Appoints Zamil Solanki to their Advisory Board.

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Wednesday 9th June 2021

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the working partnership between Strong Room and Zamil Solanki, Strong Room is proud to announce the appointment of Zamil Solanki to their Advisory Board. Zamil joins a widely respected panel that offers multi-industry insights, recommendations and perspectives to help grow their efforts in helping to reduce adverse drug events both locally and internationally.

Max Mito, Strong Room A.I.’s Chief Executive Officer commented “Zamil’s robust framework and insight into the community pharmacy space has played a large role to Strong Room’s success. He has been very much engaged with the team and has advised on a large variety of tasks from product development to customer engagement. We look forward to continuously working with Zamil to ensure Strong Room becomes the dominant player within the healthcare space.”

Zamil Solanki, Business Strategist, Entrepreneurial Coach and Consultant commented “working together in the height of the pandemic, despite all of the challenges faced by companies all around the world, highlighted Strong Room’s determination to thrive through the pandemic, andto create meaningful solutions for not only today’s healthcare limitations, but solutions that harness the opportunities of a post-COVID world. Working in this capacity further strengthens our ability to live our purpose together and to create greater positive impacts to local communities.

”Zamil Solanki works with healthpreneurs – from small businesses to large multi-national organisations – to help them overcome unique challenges and achieve their goals through curated training programs, and bespoke holistic solutions. Unlike other consultants, we pair global research and techniques with our own experiences, having grown our own pharmacy by $4 million and selling it for 3x the industry average multiple. To do this, we focus on 5 key pillars – mindset, planning, leadership, marketing and sales and specialize in workflow, innovation, automation and systems.

Strong Room A.I. is a young, dynamic and exciting MedTech brand that is dedicated to reducing adverse drug events through it’s AI-driven controlled drug management platform. Originally providing solutions for Community Pharmacy, Strong Room AI are now expanding into other healthcare settings to better patient health outcomes, and improve workflow and efficiencies for primary healthcare workers.


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